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10 Things for Companies to Focus on During Black History Month

The best allyship lasts longer than a month.

By proactively engaging in positive actions and avoiding common pitfalls, companies can authentically participate in Black History Month and contribute to a more inclusive and equitable workplace.

Supporting the Black Community in Your Organization:

  1. Educate Your Team: Conduct workshops or training sessions to educate your employees about the history and significance of Black History Month.

  2. Celebrate Black Voices: Feature Black voices within your company or impacted communities through guest speakers, employee spotlights, or collaborative projects.

  3. Highlight Black-Owned Businesses: Showcase and promote Black-owned businesses through your company's platforms and networks.

  4. Give Directly / Support Black Charities: Contribute to and actively support charities or organizations that focus on issues affecting the Black community.

  5. Implement Diversity Initiatives: Actively work towards fostering diversity within your company by implementing inclusive hiring practices and creating a welcoming workplace.

  6. Feature Black History Content: Share educational content about Black history, achievements, and contributions on your company's social media or internal communication platforms.

  7. Collaborate with Black Influencers: Partner with Black influencers and creators for marketing campaigns, fostering diversity in your brand representation.

  8. Amplify Black Stories: Encourage employees to share personal stories and experiences, creating a platform for understanding and empathy.

  9. Review and Update Policies: Assess and update company policies to ensure they promote diversity, equity, and inclusion.

  10. Engage in Meaningful Dialogue: Facilitate open discussions within the company about racial equity, providing a safe space for employees to share perspectives and experiences.

Schedule a complimentary discovery call with HW & Company this Black History Month to foster effective two-way connections. Explore workshops tailored to seamlessly integrate community engagement strategies through culture-curated programming and impactful brand storytelling.



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