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10 Things for Companies to Avoid During Black History Month (...All Year Round 👀)

The best allyship lasts longer than a month.

Hopefully, you're here because you're doing independent research, and your Black staff didn't have to email you this link. Either way, here are some tips to keep in mind to make life easier for the Black folx. 

Things to Avoid All Year Round:

  1. Tokenism: Avoid tokenistic gestures that may come across as insincere. Genuine commitment goes beyond symbolic actions.

  2. Stereotyping: Steer clear of perpetuating stereotypes in marketing materials, advertisements, or internal communications.

  3. Ignoring Employee Input: Don't exclude employee input when planning activities or initiatives. Inclusivity means involving everyone.

  4. Appropriation: Avoid appropriating cultural elements without understanding their significance or context.

  5. Performative Activism: Refrain from performative activism; instead, focus on tangible actions that contribute to long-term change.

  6. Ignoring Employee Concerns: Don't dismiss or ignore employee concerns regarding diversity and inclusion within the workplace.

  7. Overcommercialization: Be cautious about overcommercializing Black History Month; it is a time for reflection and education, not excessive promotion.

  8. Lack of Continuous Effort: Avoid treating diversity and inclusion as a one-month effort. Commit to ongoing initiatives that create lasting change.

  9. Failure to Learn: Don't assume you know everything. Continuously educate yourself about racial issues and strive for better understanding.

  10. Inaction: Avoid remaining passive. Take action to address systemic issues within your company and contribute positively to the broader community.

This Black History Month, schedule a complimentary discovery call with HW & Company to elevate your brand and contribute authentically to positive change. Explore workshops to integrate impactful communication strategies to create genuine connections with diverse communities. Connect with purpose, care, and intention.



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