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CHW aims to foster and bolster marginalized communities by creating positive interaction feedback loops between brands and those they interact with. He helps clients find their purpose, break down their vision into tangible goals, remain accountable to their audiences, and build enough trust with customers to turn them into advocates – integrating these insights into brand architecture and programming.


Over dozens of brands, he has honed his skills in developing and managing brand identities, building efficient operational systems and teams, and executing culture-curated events. When not working on client materials, he provides workshops for business accelerators across the Northeast and shares his story with organizations and young professionals to encourage equitable opportunities for people of color and the power of localized community efforts.


Originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, they make it their mission to ensure people know there are Black folk from there too.

There are Black folk everywhere.



(He/They) As a modern storyteller, creative engagement strategist, and social impact marketer – They are a bridge.

Christopher founded HW and Company in 2018 during his time at Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts, with two great friends at his side. He won the Global Communications project, twice leading international teams representing 15 countries across five continents in the communications competition to present marketing and PR campaigns to representatives of Zeiss(2017) and INEOS(2018).

They've worked in New Orleans community-based schooling programs, U.S. Congressional offices and campaigns, the Democratic National Committee, and on boards relating to returning/incarcerated citizens and Black LGBTQ+ life, giving them an extensive range of experiences to pull from that encourage him to remain in touch with those impacted by unjust systems and institutions.

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